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Feeling overwhelmed these days? You’re not alone. It seems like we’re moving from project to project faster and faster each day. You have to wonder if you’re using your time as efficiently as you can, but what is the best way to get work done? And how much time should be spent in meetings? Sending emails? Searching for information? 

Let’s face it. Organizing and planning your work to make the most of your time can feel like a daunting task. We all know that switching between spreadsheets, email, and communication tools kills productivity, but how do we solve these pain points? It’s enough to make your head spin.

 The single best way to make your daily operations more efficient is to implement project management software. Nutcache is all-in-one software designed to help drive growth, analyze data, and eliminate bottlenecks. The best part? The learning curve is negligible, meaning your team can get organized and on track quickly. No stress. No confusion. 

Below is a brief overview of the ways it can help you manage your initiatives, both big and small.

1. Agile project management

 When it comes to group projects, prioritizing work is something that cannot be overlooked. With collaborative boards, teams can recognize which tasks are most important and which issues need to be addressed right away should they arise. And, because boards provide a plethora of visual cues, project managers can spot conflicts in schedules and make adjustments at any given time. Boards also take the guesswork out of determining who is working on what and when. Everyone has a birds-eye-view of the project.

 With easy-to-use, cloud-based project management boards, you can visually track and manage everything, from planning to launch dates. And, with a full suite of features, our approach to project management is designed to improve team collaboration, simplify remote work, and encourage the usage of new and more efficient technologies. 

Here are different methods that can help you manage your workflow: 

Kanban: Kanban most commonly refers to a visual project management strategy, where work is displayed on a board with columns that represent stages of work i.e. “To do”, “Doing”, and “Done”. Work tasks move through these stages until they are completed. 

Scrum:  A Scrum board is a full framework for employees to collaborate and get work completed within a 2-3-week cycle. During a cycle, team members begin with a backlog of work, then finish with a sprint period to complete tasks.  

Gantt chart:  Like a Kanban board, Gantt charts help teams organize projects with realistic deadlines. Moreover, timing conflicts are easy to spot and change as work progresses. 

 Keep in mind that these collaborative project management workflows can be customized to your needs. You can rest assured knowing your organization can easily collaborate on files, set deadlines, and share ideas, comments, and notes on a board best suited for your work habits.

kanban workflow


2. Task management

No one is perfect. If you are like most people, you’ll encounter every day hurdles that distract you from your task list. The single best way to avoid distraction and stay on track is by starting each morning with a clear list of what tasks need to be accomplished. With a clearly organized task list, you’ll be able to see days of the week that are overloaded as well as open blocks of time.

 With Workspace, you can manage multiple projects in the same place. You can also share updates right where work is happening to give team members insight into the work you’re doing. This will make micromanaging a thing of the past as it allows others to check in to see if a project is going according to schedule and offer advice on how to get tasks completed more efficiently.

It’s more than a to-do list. List and prioritize each piece of work, organize all of the details in one place, manage projects from beginning to end, and more:

  • Organize Projects: Dedicate threads for projects, topics, and teams. 
  • Manage Teams: Assign tasks, update stakeholders, and move work forward with built-in task management.
  • Streamline Work: Message in-office colleagues, remote workers, customers, and partners by inviting anyone to join in on the conversations.
  • Share Information: Send files (Google Docs, PDFs, JPGs, PNGs, etc.) pin documents, and send recaps with simple drag and drop tooling.
  • Search Tasks: Search tasks by task number or any text field, member, label or due date.

task management


3. Time tracking

 With robust time tracking features, employees can quickly see the progress of each stage of a project and determine which tasks are taking too long. Nutcache time tracking tools provide the following functions: 

  • Record and approve time spent on each task, or project
  • Refer to visualizations on how teams spend their time 
  • Assign work based on real-time reporting
  • Keep track of employee attendance
  • Track time from anywhere using a mobile app

Nutcache time tracking


4. Financial management

You know what they say, time is money. So, why not track profitability in real time? Nutcache budgeting tools provide an excellent alternative for any business that is looking to manage and track their projects without having to switch between spreadsheets, email, and calendars. 

With no specialized training required, employees can quickly get a detailed overview of in-progress and completed tasks, time spent and billed, and income and cost. Features also allow you to:

  • Control the costs in a project by reviewing, approving or rejecting timesheets and expenses on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Set budget tracking by hours, amounts or costs
  • Define alerts to avoid potential cost overruns
  • Log, track, and invoice your time and expenses.
  • Quickly track overdue invoices, and send reminders to your late-paying clients.
  • Monitor client payment behavior by accessing your clients’ payment delay data.
  • Create customizable and personalized invoices.
  • Get paid faster through Paypal, Stripe, Authorize.net or 2Checkout.
  • Automate billing and make accurate forecasts with recurring invoices



5. Free plan

Are you just getting started with project management and weighing your options? Nutcache project management software plans will help make your decision easier. As your company grows and evolves, you can easily adjust your plan to keep your projects on track. Our free software is perfect for teams of up to 20 people looking to manage tasks and projects.


6. Great support!

Are you finding yourself wondering, “am I doing this right”? At Nutcache, we want you to kick off your workday with confidence knowing that you are hitting your goals as efficiently as possible. 

Whether you’re onboarding a new team or in a rapid-growth period, our customer success team can help you get the most out of your Nutcache experience. After all, our success is your success. Our support offering is designed to provide you with the ideal set of tools and expertise to help you succeed. 

Find the pricing plan that suits your needs, get answers to troubleshooting questions, maximize your productivity with quick tips, and much, much more.



There are so many ways to get in touch:

  • In-app chat for quick responses: We’re available to help your team hit their goals faster than ever. Simply ask a question and get an answer with our convenient chat feature.
  • Support available in several languages: From implementation to project management tips, we can answer your questions in English, French, and Portuguese. 
  • Phone support: Are you using Nutcache to its full potential? Let’s have a conversation. We’re ready to support your efforts and keep you on track.
  • Demos on-demand: Need help getting started? Step-by-step demos can assist you in everything from task creation to organizing your team’s workload.

Find out what plan works best for you or switch to Nutcache from Trello today!