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Struggling to stay motivated? Slowly losing gusto as the finish line seems further and further out of reach? It’s easy to procrastinate when your heart isn’t in a project. And, of course, we all have those days when we’re just not feeling it. Other times, stuff gets in the way; family-life gets hectic, side projects take priority, or work is just plain boring. Still, the job must get done. So, how do you push onward and get through those slumps? The fact of the matter is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding motivation. What might work for someone else might not do it for you. Fortunately, there are a few simple tactics that can help sustain nearly anyone’s drive.  

1. Adapt a positive mindset

In a perfect world, we’re always assigned projects we enjoy. The reality is that we sometimes get assignments we don’t love. One strategy for getting through a mundane task is to look at it differently. Not only do negative thoughts hinder our ability to focus on our priorities, they kill motivation by making us doubt our skillset. Rather than dwell on the negative, focus on how accomplishing the task will bring you satisfaction. Even if the work at hand is boring or tedious, you still might enjoy certain aspects of it. For example, you might find value in improving a client’s experience or helping your team complete a project. When you adapt a positive mindset, a task is never as arduous as it initially seems.


2. Stick with people who are driven

We tend to begin projects with the end result in mind. With this mindset, it is normal to have a surge of motivation at the start of a project and then stall out somewhere in the middle. One way to keep momentum alive is to have people on your team who trust you to stick to your word and complete your tasks on time. When you work with others who are committed to meeting deadlines and passionate about their goals, it rubs off on you. Moreover, sometimes you have no choice but to be motivated to continue. No one wants to be the one keeping people from starting a task because they’re behind on theirs. Fortunately, project management software, like Nutcache, provides tools, such as gantt charts that will keep you accountable (and motivated) by highlighting priority items that need to get done, and the specific actions related to them.


3. Break down bigger tasks into subtasks

Overwhelmed? Breaking a project into smaller tasks will make the project more manageable by bringing a sprint-like approach. In other words, your team will have a defined set of tasks to work with but in smaller intervals. With a wide range of task management features, you can easily break down your tasks into multiple steps with subtasks, checklists and simple to-do lists that structure what’s needed for each task. This will help them be more agenda-driven, not to mention more productive and efficient in the whole process. By breaking up your goal into smaller parts you will see progress quicker, which will keep motivation consistent at every stage of the project.

4. Celebrate small wins

All too often we become so fixated on the big picture that we lose sight of the small wins. It’s important to acknowledge those mini victories that might otherwise go unnoticed. It doesn’t need to be anything extravagant. Many people take a few minutes at the beginning of each morning standup to share yesterday’s accomplishments. In doing so, everyone can see how their small tasks help achieve bigger goals. Hearing what your peers say about their goals can help you find that extra burst of motivation and fuel your desire to succeed on their behalf. Even a high-five or quick acknowledgment in passing can help provide a powerful incentive. 


5. Create a healthy work-life balance

It is important to have activities outside of work that can help you disconnect. Even small activities, like going for a walk every night or scheduling a weekly phone call with a friend can help you switch off from work-mode. Whether it’s physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual or social, investing in your health outside of work will ensure that you perform at your highest level of efficiency in the office. 

6. Invest in quality project management software

Project management software will allow you to follow your entire project in real time through a variety of visuals and collaborative boards, like gantt charts and kanban boards. These features can improve motivation as it allows employees to see that they’re on track to meet deadlines and finish under budget. Inturn, this will increase their focus on what they do best. Moreover, with shared visibility, employees can easily showcase their skills and achievements to upper management, build important internal relationships, and create value for customers. 

Get motivated with Nutcache!

Sticking to your goals and staying on track has never been easier. With Nutcache, you can link dependent tasks, create a timeline, and divide the tasks into different stages and to different team members. You can get started with a free trial today or get in touch with us to learn more about the different plans available to you.